Environmental Research Reboot

Has COVID-19 left you feeling disconnected?

Recharge at the Environmental Research Reboot!

After a year of challenges, let’s reconnect this spring to supercharge our research!


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Did you miss the Reboot?  No problem!  The Research Showcase is still open for you to view and comment on the talks.  Click on the purple bar above to go to the host site.


Miss your chance to share your work at the Reboot?  No problem! You can still contribute a talk or poster if you weren’t able to for the Reboot!  The Research Showcase will remain active for at least the next year, so make sure to get your work out there!  

The Reboot submission site is available for you to upload submission details and provide links to your media files*

*Note that videos should be uploaded to YouTube and you will submit a HTML link (detailed instructions will be provided on the submission site).

The Center for Natural Hazards Research, Center for Sustainable Energy & Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Center, Coastal Studies Institute, and Natural Resources and Environment Cluster

with support from the

Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences, College of Engineering & Technology, Integrated Coastal Programs, and ECU’s Division of Research, Economic Development & Engagement

invite you to join your colleagues in sharing your work and envisioning new opportunities for environmental research as we begin to look forward to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Share recent work and highlight strengths or future directions for your research
  • Learn what others are doing at ECU and find new opportunities for collaboration
  • Envision new opportunities and priorities to advance ECU’s research infrastructure
  • Transform ECU’s research environment with lessons and innovations you have learned through the pandemic

Who Should Attend:

We welcome all ECU faculty and students to showcase their work at the Environmental Research Reboot.  Guests from outside of ECU are also welcome to join the live sessions or explore the virtual presentations.


The symposium will be organized into different session themes that provide opportunities for live discussions and virtual presentations.  All presentations will be prerecorded and will be made available along with posters for viewing before, during and after the Research Reboot through the ForagerOne Symposium platform.  All components of the reboot will be held online.

  • Research Showcase: Get your research out there by contributing a pre-recorded research video or poster that will be archived for asynchronous discovery on the ForagerOne Symposium platform.  Use this showcase to get the word out about your research.
  • Research Theme Sessions: Share and discuss research highlights through a 5 minute recorded presentation that will be streamed live to allow you to answer viewer questions in real time.  Join a live group discussion of opportunities to advance research in that thematic area at the end of the session.  The video presentations will be archived in the Research Showcase for public viewing, but the discussion will not.
  • Innovation Sessions: Roundtable discussions sharing concerns, approaches, and ideas on how we can innovate our research environment and build synergies with our academic programs. Each roundtable will focus on a research infrastructure or other theme (e.g., computing, research field sites, core research infrastructure, academic programs, special issues faced by students, etc.).  Short presentations (<3min) will be integrated within the working group discussion to identify strengths and needs for shared infrastructure and a vision for the future of environmental research at ECU.


Research Reboot Schedule

Reboot Schedule

Note: You must login to the ForagerOne Symposium Platform and register for the Reboot to access WebEx meeting links for the sessions.