Administration Contacts and Center Staff

Stephen Moysey, Director

Professor, Geological Sciences
My interests are primarily in the area of hydrogeophysics where I focus on environmental sensing and model-data synthesis to understand mechanisms of flow and transport in porous media.  I am particularly interested in using data and models to scale from the pore to watershed and understanding linkages between the unsaturated zone, groundwater, and surface water.

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Mike O’Driscoll, Associate Director

Professor, Coastal Studies
Utilizing tracers and other hydrogeological, geochemical, and geophysical techniques to develop insights into the geological controls and land-use effects on surface water-groundwater interactions and contaminant transport. Recent work has focused on evaluating onsite wastewater contaminant inputs to nutrient-sensitive Coastal Plain and Piedmont watersheds.

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Samantha Mosier, Associate Director

Associate Professor, Political Science
Dr. Mosier’s expertise lies in the area of governance, administration, and public policy development. Her research evaluates local sustainability initiatives, food and agricultural policies, and university-community engagement.

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Alex Manda, Associate Director

Associate Professor, Geological Sciences
Coastal hydrology, borehole geophysics, groundwater modeling, citizen science, water resources management, and geoscience education. In the recent past, Dr. Manda’s research has focused on saltwater intrusion, groundwater management of coastal aquifers, impacts of climate change and sea-level rise on coastal water resources, nutrient transport in groundwater, and public participation in scientific research.

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Christine Bell

Center Administrative Coordinator

Grace Gavigan

Community and CCEDS NRT Program Coordinator

Bobby Bowser, PhD

Lab and Field Manager

Kim Kassner

Communications Manager

Neda Safari

WaterCorps Manager

Westley Blakeslee

Science Communication and Virtual Reality Developer

Tara van Niekerk

Community Outreach and Education Programs